Dana Ware is now a Personal Family Lawyer™

Hello world!!!

I am excited to share that after months of study and training, I am now a Personal Family Lawyer™, which means I am the trusted advisor you’ve been looking for to help you make the very best personal, financial, legal and business decisions for your family throughout your lifetime. 

What makes me, as a Personal Family Lawyer™ different than other lawyers?  Well, first and foremost, your needs are my utmost priority. I enjoy getting to know YOU! I love learning about your lives and family dynamics, helping you understand how the law affects you, and how you can plan to ensure it works in your favor.  I also understand you are BUSY, you’ve got kids, activities, work… or maybe you are an empty-nester, preparing for retirement and thinking about your grandchildren’s education – either way, you are planning for a life of prosperity and you value ease, efficiency, and great, straightforward advice.

As your dedicated PFL, I bring a unique approach that transforms your estate planning experience with the proven Life & Legacy Planning service model to provide relational heart-centered counseling and guidance for your estate planning.

By planning for your future now, you’ll maximize the Family Wealth that is passed on to your children, grandchildren, and beyond. Not just financial assets, but intangible, often lost, Intellectual, Spiritual and Human assets as well. 

And by the way, estate planning is NOT just for the super wealthy.  If you own your own home, even with a mortgage, or if you have children, planning for the future is important to the security and well being of your loved ones. 

Here’s what choosing me as your PFL means:

✅I do much more than just assemble a set of legal documents – I assist you in creating generational wealth and a meaningful life and legacy.

✅I use a heart-centered counseling method to help you make decisions that align with your values in love, money, life, and death. This process often goes beyond just deciding what happens with your assets, by helping you clarify what matters most to you in various aspects of life.

✅You will benefit from a customized plan tailored to your unique family dynamics and assets, ensuring a service well worth the investment.

✅You get a supportive relationship with an attentive attorney. I offer a free service to check in with you every year to ensure your plan remains relevant and effective as your life evolves.

✅ This means I’m not just your document creator; I am your trusted, lifelong counsel. I will guide you through decisions, ensuring your family stays out of court and conflict while growing closer as a result of the legacy you’re creating.

Ready to tap into these benefits?  Schedule a call now, and let’s embark on your personalized journey to success in estate planning!


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